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Royal Society of Arts



Friday, 11th October 2019



Registration: 11:30

Starts : 12:00

Ends : 15:00


City: London



Rawthmells Coffeehouse

RSA House

8 John Adam St

London WC2N 6EZ








Conversations on mediation and social change



Event Details:

Join us for some thought-provoking conversations that explore the role of mediation in bringing about social change. Expert professional mediators will explore how dialogue-based approaches might facilitate progress in resolving some of the most challenging social and political issues of our time


12:00 In conversation with Karl Mackie

Dr Karl Mackie CBE FRSA

Founder President, Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR)


Can lessons learned from professional mediation practice enable us to have better and more effective political dialogue?


The Brexit impasse, strains on the UK constitution, embattlement over tariffs on global trade:

In tackling these issues, are there any useful lessons that can be learned from the experience of practising civil and commercial mediators?  What are the differences and what are the synergies between negotiation and mediation?


Karl Mackie, a barrister and psychologist has been promoting and practising mediation internationally for nearly 30 years.  In this conversation, he will outline some of the key features of civil and commercial mediation and explain why it can produce successful outcomes in 80% of cases where previous attempts at negotiation have failed.


Join him in a conversation on whether mediation practice should be incorporated into some of our political processes and whether this could bring about better outcomes than the adversarial procedures that we have become accustomed to.


13:00 In conversation with Jane Gunn

Jane Gunn FCIArb FRSA

Mediator and Trainer


Can mediation skills transform how we view relationships and conflict?


The waves of change are growing and if we are to work together to face the challenges of the 21st century we must transform how we view relationships and conflict – But how?  What are the skills and tools we need to facilitate constructive conversation?


Jane Gunn is a highly experienced mediator who specialises in transforming business relationships.  She was a member of RSA Tomorrow's Company Inquiry, a major review of the way in which British businesses operate and behave.


In this conversation, Jane will explain why use of mediation skills provides a better approach to conflict resolution. She will also seek to persuade you that, in times of change and crisis, mediation can contribute to the resolution of challenges around climate change, environmental disaster and political upheaval.


14:00 In conversation with Laurence Cobb

Laurence Cobb

Solicitor and mediator


Accessing the future - what is the role of mediation in education?


Mediation is a powerful dispute resolution tool that can help young people with special educational needs ("SEN") to access education and reduce antagonism between families, local authorities and schools.


Laurence Cobb is a SEN accredited mediator and a civil and commercial mediator. He is a member of Global Mediation Limited and a CEDR Panel mediator. Formerly a partner in Taylor Wessing LLP, specialising in contentious construction and engineering law, he retired in March this year to focus on mediation.  He has acted as a mediator and conciliator on disputes involving sums well into six figures.


In this conversation, Laurence will consider how mediation can help resolve issues in the education sector and will explain how the process differs from commercial mediation.


Event Type:

Panel Discussion, Debate, Presentation


Mediation Sector:

Civil and Commercial, Workplace, Community


Who should Attend:

Business Managers, Construction Professionals, Education Professionals, Housing Managers, Lawyers, Mediators, Police, Religious Leaders, Community Leaders, Consumer Groups, General Public, Local Authority Agencies, Medical Professionals, Politicians, Social Services, HR Managers



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