Organised by:

London Community Mediation Council



Saturday, 5th October 2019



Registration: 9:00

Starts : 9:50

Ends : 17:10


City: London



ORTUS Conferencing Centre, 82-96 Grove Lane

SE5 8SN, London








TICKET: £50-£130

London Mediators Day 2019


Event Details:

London Mediators Day is a grass routes mediation conference with a community mediation flavour and a welcoming, sociable atmosphere.


Now in its 16th consecutive year, London Mediators Day is the launch event for Mediation Awareness Week – 2019, and provides:


  • A full programme of informative presentations and interactive discussion
  • Networking with professional mediators and ADR practitioners across all sectors: community, family, workplace, commercial, restorative justice.
  • Practical learning experience gained attending two workshops of choice, selected from 6 available topics
  • Refreshments on arrival and at morning and afternoon breaks
  • A hot lunch
  • A traditional free raffle prize draw, followed by an informal post- conference drinks reception


Discounts for community mediators, referring bodies, full-time ADR students, past speakers and workshop providers.


Subsidies for LCMC-affiliated mediators and service administrators.


Event Type:

Conference, Workshop, Debate, Presentation, Reception


Mediation Sector:

Civil and Commercial, Restorative Justice, Workplace, Community


Who should Attend:

Housing Managers, Lawyers, Mediators, Police, Religious Leaders, Community Leaders, General Public, Local Authority Agencies, Politicians, Social Services.



Sir David Foskett: Chair, Civil Mediation Council

Rebecca Attree: Director, Hexagon Mediation

James South: Managing Director, Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR)

David Walker MBE: Director of Mediation, Southwark Mediation Centre

Stephen Walker: Mediator, Trainer, Author


Workshop providers:

Irene Grindell: Mediator, trainer, Founder: Tower Hamlets Mediation project

Trevor Horne: Mediator, NLP Master practitioner, author

Tony Kearney: Mediator, trainer, author

Heather Loebl: Mediator, trainer, supervisor

Ian Perolls: Social worker, family group conference coordinator

Jonathan Russell: Mediator, chartered accountant



Standard Ticket Price: £130

Discounted: £50-£90